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Mikrobox 2000

The unique control system with fantastic possibilities

The Mikrobox is an electronic control- and storage system. Compared with the old digital memory 'barrel' and 'punched tape' it offers exceptional advantages. A few of them are listed here:

Storage of an immense amount of data (up to 250 million!) in minimal space. This economical storage technique and the amazingly compact control system enable an enormous saving on space which can be utilized for the installation of small and light instruments or for a multiple of additional organ pipes.

The large number of pipes allows not only diatonic scales, as was the case up till now, but also chromatic scales. The result is an incomparable increase in the performable music repertoire.

Possibility of selection from thousands of pieces of music which cost only a fraction of what the 'punch-tapes' cost earlier.

Storage of over a thousand interchangeable melodies or melody sequences in each organ.

The force used to turn the handle serves only to supply wind to the pipes. Neither must Wind must be generated neither for a pneumatic 'punched tape', nor must a 'barrel' be powered. Synchronisation and therefore simultaneous performance of several musical instruments, accompanied by unique user friendliness.

Overall brochure

In this brochure we present our barrel organs as an overview together with photos and the principal features. It will be loaded and displayed as a PDF. Thus you can easily save and print the document.


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Mikrobox 2000


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