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A family of unique barrel organs

20 Kleine Harmonipan

The 20 Kleine Harmonipan

The 'Kleine' for the living room

The smallest barrel organ from the House of Hofbauer is a downright charming instrument from the 'Harmonipan'-family.

20 Harmonipan

The 20 Harmonipan

The bigger sister of our 20 Kleine

Small in measurements, but big in terms of sound.
Its melodies ring out lively and cheerfully.

26 Harmonipan

The 26 Harmonipan

Our bestseller: The classic instrument for ear and eye

The characteristic sound of the original Old-Berlin barrel organ was the pattern for the '26 Harmonipan'.
In its abundance of arrangements and its repertoire, it much surpasses all comparable traditional and modern barrel organs, whether old or new.

27 Harmonipan

The 27 Harmonipan

The smallest orchestrion of the world

This pocket sized music band fulfils far more than each and every expectation that, up till now, had been placed on such an instrument. Never before was it possible to incorporate rhythms and additional music instruments into such a small barrel organ as the '27 Harmonipan'.

37/70 Harmonipan

The 37 Harmonipan

A music band on wheels

With the '37 Harmonipan' the House of Hofbauer has built a barrel organ that has been termed the `marvel organ´ for many years by many friends of the mechanical music.

38 Harmonipan

The 38 Harmonipan

The brightest star in the barrel organ heavens

The House of Hofbauer has been delivering drums in its large trumpet barrel organ for many years. This organ was in consequence the very first hand barrel organ ever to be built in series in which this accessory could be installed.

43 Harmonipan

The 43 Harmonipan

An answer to the most demanding request

Those who have been missing the characteristic sound of the barrel organ up to now, will be fully satisfied with the '43 Harmonipan':
this organ leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Overall brochure

In this brochure we present our barrel organs as an overview together with photos and the principal features. It will be loaded and displayed as a PDF. Thus you can easily save and print the document.


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