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The 'Dancing Bears'

Hofbauer's dancing bears are now in action

This ensures the greatest success by all sorts of get-togethers. It fits in wherever music is needed. Small and handy, simple and easy to play. Through the operation of the typical accordion bellows wind is produced to provide the music. The valves are opened and closed by the Mikrobox automatically. This enables any novice to play music without training or even being able to read music notation.
In this way some splendid get-togethers will be guaranteed on untold occasions.

The 'Dancing Bears' are available in two variations:

The 'Dancing Bear 20' with an inbuilt Mikrobox for
hundreds of melodies.
The 'Styrian Dancing Bear 26' is fitted out with the latest control- and storage system 'Mikrobox 2000'. It can now be fully integrated into the new barrel organ family.
With this 'Dancing Bear' in a 'styrian outfit' we have not only created a mechanical instrument which has at its disposal many sided usage possibilities, but also one which can be combined with other instruments in variation.

Overall brochure

In this brochure we present our barrel organs as an overview together with photos and the principal features. It will be loaded and displayed as a PDF. Thus you can easily save and print the document.


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Detailled synopsis

The 'Dancing Bears'


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